Plastic window sills with a decorative PVC coating - the most common on the market today window sill. They deserve the commitment of consumers due to the ease of installation and the installation and excellent quality characteristics.

The surface of window sills "Vitrage Plast" covered by special decorative and protective PVC films. They give sills elegant appearance, pleasant to the touch texture, protection of local mechanical damage, exposure to low temperatures (cigarette ash, hot mug), acidic and corrosive substances, food, alcohol residues. Sill with vertical internal ribs designed so that withstands all kinds of load (pressure, deflection, impact, etc.).

All made window sills are covered with a protective film, which suffered the trademark "Vitrage Plast". The protective film has a thickness of 65 microns, which protects the window sill from possible mechanical damage during transport, as well as from sunlight.